Rain Guarantee

Worried about the rain? Worry no more!

A common misconception is that rain causes windows to dirty and spot. Not true. As discussed and dispelled in Good Housekeeping magazine and Martha Stewart Living, rain does not cause windows to dirty or spot.

However, it is a commonly held belief that windows should not be cleaned when it rains because the rain will just make them dirty again. Is this really a fact? Does the rain make my storefront or building windows dirty?

The simple answer is 'no'. It is normal practice around the country for window cleaners to carry on in all weather except storms and high winds. Rain does not make the windows dirty, dirt does. Dust accumulates on the outside of the glass from lawn mowers, leaf blowers, tree pollen, car exhaust, droppings, and many other sources. This dust settles as a uniform layer on the glass. When it rains, the rain drops push the dust into different patterns and after the water dries the dust remains on the glass. This new "mud residue" is now highly visible because it is no longer uniformly spread but is sporadic throughout the pane. Clean glass will stay clean after a rain because once the rain water dries, there is nothing left behind to obscure the view.

When windows are clean the rain will simply run off and the glass continues to remain clean. Rain water is pure water. You can put it directly into a bucket and clean windows with it!

So, with that, we will give you the most generous rain guarantee we've seen in the marketplace yet for commercial storefronts.


None of our competitors offer a guarantee this strong. In fact, they don't even offer one. If you find any marks on the glass caused by the rain, we will come back. Simple as that.

Your windows are guaranteed to look great in any kind of weather. Whether it's 90 degrees and sunny or it rains during or after your window cleaning service is completed, you can rest assured that your windows will look great! If for any reason you are not pleased, let us know and we will make it right. Please contact us within 2 days of your window cleaning service if your windows get dirty because of the rain, so that we can promptly address your concern. We feel as comfortable with this as any other guarantee. Why? We've never once been called back because rain ruined our work! Every time we've followed up with customers they were amazed how clean their windows stayed, even after it rained!

Our Weather Policy

So, what if the forecast predicts rain... If it is not raining it is our policy to complete the job as scheduled. If it is raining but the precipitation is light, we will proceed as scheduled because rain does not affect the cleaning. In the circumstance of heavy rain, downpours, or high winds, we will return when the rain stopped, unless you have sufficient awnings that cover the storefront. In the event of extreme weather, all inside work may still be completed as scheduled to avoid disrupting your busy calendar (or ours), then we will come back to finish the exterior after the extreme weather is gone.

Because we know your time is important like ours, our weather policy effectively ensures that all work orders are completed in as timely a manner as possible. From our years of experience, we are able to make accurate decisions to ensure that service quality and safety come first in serving you. We are confident you will be pleased.

To recap. We use only the finest methods and cleaning solutions to wash your windows, we guarantee your windows will stay sparkling clean even after it rains; however, if it rains within 2 days of your original window cleaning service and you feel your windows still don't look great, and you call in that time period, you get a complimentary touch-up on the affected windows.

More on... Rain Water is Pure Water
Rain water is very, very different from pool, sprinkler, or even water from your hose. It's pure or de-ionized. Rain water is naturally soft, containing almost no dissolved minerals, salts, or chemicals.'

The truth is, windows need cleaning because they get dirty NOT because they get wet. Windows are engineered to use rainwater and natural sunlight to remove organic dirt and debris. So, if your windows are clean to begin with, the rain will simply sheet off the glass and your windows will continue to remain clean. Regular rainfall could even help your already clean windows stay cleaner longer!
When completely purified water drips on a surface and then either drips off or evaporates, it leaves absolutely nothing behind, leaving you with a still clean surface. After all, it is pure. So rain won't ruin your clean windows!